New Short Term Roadmap Set!

September 16, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Below is a basic roadmap of current projects and rough estimates on timelines

Website Redesign – October 1st

There is already a new website design that’s ready to go. The hosting environment is being prepared and the site migration will take place soon. Once the site is Live we’ll ask the community to review and provide insight. There are no major changes beyond the design. The content and navigation is essentially the same. The goal was to get something more professional and presentable in place, and continue to develop and improve it from there.

Custom ACOIN block explorer – Mid October

The old explorer ( is no longer running. We do have ( but it’s not ideal. Renewing the Block Experts explorer costs 0.1BTC which is roughly $427 at the time of writing. As everyone is well aware, ACOIN does not have a fund set aside for this. Thus, @milkandpie4u will be developing a custom explorer for ACOIN.

Launch need ANN thread – Mid November

As promised there will be a new ANN thread created as we do not have full control over the current one. This is much needed as much of the important information is no longer relevant or operational. This isn’t something that’s going to be rushed just to have it done. We would like to take time to put together all the information to correctly and professionally in a manner that’s also graphically appealing to the visitors of the thread.

Additional Comments:

None of these dates are set in stone. It’s entirely possible these are achieved well before the projected dates. We’ve chosen dates at the further end of the spectrum to ensure the likelihood of following through with promises. However, there’s always the possibility of needing more time if issues arise or circumstances change.